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arisugawa's Journal

24 May
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i remember a time when life was simple. flutes and olive branches. ribbons of pink and lavandar silk. the swing feast was my favorite. when my linen garments smelled of fresh flowers and the sunshine was locked in the rivulets of my hair.

1990s, ancient egypt, angelina jolie, angels on earth, anggun, anne rice, aromatherphy, art, asian girls, astrology, astronomy, atlanta, atlantis, avril lavigne, ayumi hamasaki, beauty, being lazy, bisexuality, bling bling, blue's clues, buffy the vampire slayer, camui gackt, candels, christianity, cinema, city of angels, classical music, cooking, cosmetics, cosplay, creed, culinary arts, cute panties, dido, dir en grey, dreams, due le quartz, dvds, education, elegance, eternity, eye makeup, fairy tales, fantasy, flute, forever, french, gackt, gay rights, germany, ghetto fabulous, girls, glitter, glitz, gothic jewelry, greek mythology, guys, happy endings, harp, health, homosexuality, ice, independence, interior decorating, ireland, j-rock, jessica alba, kat, l'arc~en~ciel, lfo, lip gloss, magic, malice mizer, manga, marine corps, mary j blige, meditating, mermaids, metaphysics, michelle branch, miss cleo, morning musume, moulin rouge, movie soundtracks, music, nicole kidman, novels, numerology, ocean, old school, old school rap, orange story, orgy, p!nk, painting, photography, piano, pickles, pink, pink hair, plastic tree, platinum, rain, rainbows, rammstein, religion, rich cronin, romance, rufus wainwright, sarah brightman, sarcasm, sea, self improvment, self-expression, sewing, sex machineguns, shoujo kakumei utena, silver, singing, skirts, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, spongebob squarepants, stephen king, swimming, system of a down, tarot, teaching, the body shop, the emperor's new groove, titanic, true love, unrealistic dreams, vampires, vanessa carlton, wal-mart, washington state, willow and tara, winter, writing, x-files, x-japan, yanni, yayfun, ying yang twins, zaxby's